Training Schools (TS)

Training School 1 (WG2): Q-PCR on chips for high throughput detection of vector-borne pathogens

Responsible WG: WG2 - Barcoding, molecular diagnosis and next generation sequencing

Main organizer: Muriel Vayssier-Taussat

Local organizers: Vayssier-Taussat M, Moutailler S, Fach P, Delannoy S

Date: June 30 - July 4, 2014

Location: Paris (at Anses, Maisons-Alfort)

Number of trainee participants: 12

Trainers: Dr Sabine Delannoy, Dr Patrick Fach, Dr Muriel Vayssier-Taussat, Dr Sara Moutailler

Objective of the training school: The Training shoool will be on the application of a Q-PCR on chips for high throughput detection of vector borne pathogens. This tool is based on a microfluidic system (BioMarkTM dynamic array system, Fluidigm) that is capable of performing parallel real-time PCRs using either 96 times 96 chips or 48 times 48 chips resulting in 9,216 or 2,304 individual reaction respectively.  The aim of this training school will be to broaden your skills in molecular biology for vector-borne pathogens detection with teaching on a high throughput tool, practical courses included.

Deadline for applications: 30 April 2014

Selection results: 07 May 2014

Detailed program: download

Practical information regading costs and accommodation: download