3rd Conference on Neglected Vectors and Vector-Borne Diseases (EurNegVec): with MC and WG Meeting of the COST Action TD1303

The following participants are eligible for reimbursement:

- MC Members (or MC Substitutes if the MC Members are not able to participate);
- invited speakers;
- representatives of the COST office (i.e. DC Rapporteurs, Science Officer, etc.)
- participants with accepted abstracts (in the case the number of applicants exceeds the budget, the Management Committee (MC) of the Action will approve the list of non-MC members to be reimbursed).

The selection criteria will be defined and agreed by MC vote only after the registration process is over and only in the case that the number of registered participants will exceed the budget for the meeting. We will announce the estimated number of reimbursable participants as soon as the budget for 2016 Grant Period will be decided in Brussels and communicated to the MC Chair. The list of participants eligible for reimbursement will be announced not later than 31 March 2016.

Pease keep in mind that we will try to accept all applicants.

According to COST rules, all participants are expected to initially pay all the expenses by themselves. The reimbursement will be done after the meeting is over and the reimbursement documents are submitted to the Grant Holder, according to the COST Vademecum, by each participant.

 Reimbursement rules:

- travel (maximum 1000 EUR)
- local transportation (according to the COST Vademecum)
- accommodation (with all meals included): 120 EUR per night. The maximum number of nights eligible for reimbursement are 3 (maximum 4 in exceptional cases).
- as the meals (lunches and dinners) are included in the room rate, no additional reimbursement will be provided for meals.

All participants which are not eligible for reimbursement must pay a registration fee (upon arrival).