Training Schools (TS)

Training School 3 (WG2): Next-generation sequencing tools: from sample to bioinformatics

Responsible WG: WG2 - Barcoding, molecular diagnosis and next generation sequencing

Local organizers: Laetitia Lempereur ( & Marcella Mori (

Date: 16-20 March 2015

Venue: Coda-Cerva (Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre), Rue Groeselenberg 99, 1180 Brussels, Belgium

Number of trainees to be accepted for reimbursement: 12

Trainers: Willie Weir (University of Glasgow), Muriel Vayssier-Taussat (Maison Alfort), Jean François Cosson (CBGP Unit, INRA, Montpellier), Steven Van Borme, Marcella Mori

Objective of the training school: To offer Early Stage Researchers the practical approach to Next Generation Sequencing, with focus on the application of bioinformatics tools. The general program includes: General introduction on NGS tools, Possible applications of NGS tools, Practical works: Preliminary steps for sequencing and quality control using Illumina nextera preps", Introduction to scripting, Introduction to bioinformatics, Introduction to metagenomic and 454 sequencer with practical applications, Exercises on target topics.

Deadline for applications: 05 January 2015

Selection results: 12 January 2014

Grants for trainees: 900 EUR (fixed amount): it should cover travel, accommodation, meals. No participation fee is required.

Detailed program, practical and financial information: download

Satisfaction survey: download