Dissemination plan

The results, standards, strategies and conclusions which are the outcome of the Action will be disseminated within and outside the frame of COST: researchers in the field, research institutes and higher education institutions, health and veterinary institutes, national and European reference laboratories, reagent industry, national and European policy makers, medical personnel and general public.
Dissemination methods to be used by the Action include: articles in peer-reviewed international journals, articles in national popular science journals or press releases, general and detailed information on the Action’s website, publication of conference proceedings, guidelines, progress reports, individual STSM reports, individual and general TS reports, an edited book, AC lectures, workshop lectures, oral or poster contributions to other scientific meetings, change of information with other related COST Actions, editing an album with outstanding photographs of arthropod vectors, technical brochures and fliers, creation of a restricted access online forum/discussion group, creation of dedicated pages on social networks.
Articles in peer-reviewed international journals: usually general or methodological reviews will be published as a result of vertical or horizontal activities within the Action. Articles in national popular science journals or press releases: articles in local languages are important as part of the target-audience is not English speaking. These will mostly refer to progress summaries and main achievements of the Action.
Internet-related dissemination: general information in the field of the Action, conference proceedings, STSM or TS success stories, Methodological guidelines, MC meeting minutes, progress reports, individual STSM reports, individual and general TS reports). Additionally, the webmaster helped by volunteer undergraduate students will create and maintain a page dedicate to the Action on social networks.
Printed materials: one edited book, conference proceedings, Workshop proceedings, Colour photographic album of arthropod vectors, posters for scientific meetings.
Oral dissemination: conference lectures, workshop lectures, oral contributions to other scientific meetings. The dissemination plan will follow a strategy which will be discussed and approved during MC meetings. The main responsibility of the dissemination belongs to the Dissemination Committee (which includes the webmaster and the editorial board), together with other specific organizational bodies within the Action (e.g. WGs).
Public health awareness and public education: strengthen knowledge in schools and support of newly emerged specialization in higher education institutions (i.e. Infection biology and epidemiology) and preparation of education tasking for grammar and secondary schools.