As a rule, under the frame of EurNegVec COST Action, we organize each year various meetings. Usually, the larger event is the Annual Conference held together with the Management Committee Meeting as well as plenary and parallel Working Group Meetings.

Management Committee Meetings are attended mainly by the Management Committee (MC) Members and are focused on the coordination and management of the Action. During MC Meetings, decisions are taked based on the votes of each participating country. The meeting is coordinated by the MC Chair.

Working Group Meetings are attended by WG Members and are focused on technical debates and discussions, with the specific aim to implement the scientific objectives of the Action. The plenary meetings are coordinated by the MC Chair, while the parallel meetings are chaired by the respective WG leaders.

Annual Conferences include regular scientific communications (keynote lectures, oral presentations, posters) and certain participants can be reimbursed, based on the process of their abstract selection. However, the Annual Conferences are opened for participation to all other interested scientists, based on a participation fee.

MC Members are all eligible for reimbursement (travel, accommodation, meals), according to the COST rules. Additionally, a limited number of Working Group as well as regular conference participants will be reimbursed, based on the COST rules,MC decisions and available budget. For each event, specific rules for reimbursement are being published as soon as they are available.