Management Committee

Currently, the MC of the TD1303 COST Action consists of 63 MC Members and 33 MC Substitutes, from 34 participating countries. Additionally, EurNegVec is officially collaborating with 6 Institutions from NNC and 4 Institutions from IPC. If you are located in an International Partner Country (IPC) or a Near Neighbour Country (NNC) you can contact us for collaboration.

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Yellow Rose

The Action is organized in five Working Groups: WG1: The "One Health" concept in the ecology of vector-borne diseases; WG2: Barcoding, molecular diagnosis and next generation sequencing; WG3: Geospatial tools in vector research; WG4: Phylogenetics and phylogeography of vectors and vector-borne pathogens; WG5: Rare and emerging vector-borne pathogens. Currently, we have 284 WG members from 44 countries.

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