Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM)

How to apply

If you are an eligible participant, follow this procedure for application:

- obtain the written agreement of the host institution, before submitting an application; you can choose the host institution by yourself, or check some EurNegVec offers here.

- fill-in the online application form here;

- fill-in the verification sheet (download it here)

- send the completed file as e-mail attachment together with the necessary supporting
(preferably as a zip file) to the STSM Coordinator Prof. Dusan petric ( It is recommeneded to cc also: the MC Chair (, the Grant Manager ( and the STSM host institution.

- you should receive a confirmation email from the STSM Coordinator stating that your application was received. If this confirmation is not received within one week, applicant should send a enquiry.

IMPORTANT: Parallel STSMs (in the same host institution by multiple participants in the same time) is strongly discouraged.