Short Term Scientific Missions (STSM)

Evaluation process

The evaluation, grading and ranking of the STSM applications will be the task of the STSM Committee. The MC has unanimously agreed that the STSM Committee will be formed of the STSM Coordinator, MC Chair and the WG Leaders.

After the applications are sent to the MC Chair by email, all will be forwarded to the STSM coordinator. The STSM coordinator will send the proposals for evaluation to the WG leaders, according to their expertise. The WG leaders will grade each, the full-working plan and the motivational letter with a maximum of five points (excellent) to a minimum of 1 point (rejected). They will return their results to the STSM Coordinator. Additionally, the STSM Coordinator will add 0.3 points to each ESR. The STSM Coordinator will reject all the proposals which come from applicants who have already participated in an STSM of the TD1303 Action or othe action in the current year or who have already participated in a TD13030 related STSM in the same host institution during the duration of the Action. After all results are gathered, the STSM coordinator will rank all the proposals and, according to the host institution, he will suggest together with the MC Chair the specific grant amount for each application. Before the results are published, the fully compiled table will be sent by email to the STSM Committee members for their final approval. After all of them agree, the results will be published on the website of the Action. The STSM Committee can decide to favor certain proposals in order to promote the geographic and gender balance.