Training Schools (TS)

Training Schools aim at widening, broadening and sharing knowledge relevant to the Action's objectives through the delivery of intensive training on a new and emerging subject. They can offer familiarisation with unique equipment or expertise that are typically to the benefit of ESR, although not exclusively. They are not intended to provide general training or education.

Training Schools should last between a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 15 days. Training School must be held in a Participating COST country or in NNC institutions.

Trainees participating in a TS are entitled to reimbursement which should cover travel costs, accommodation and meals. In order to participate in a Training School (TS) and be reimbursed applicants should follow these steps (all relevant info is in the right panel menu):

- check the calendar of the TS to be organized under the frame of our Action and follow strictly the deadlines for applications;

- check if you are eligible and read the rules of the evaluation process;

- apply by sending all the required documents to the organizer of the TS;

- check the selection results, according to the specific calendar of the TS.

Before the TS takes place, each trainee entitled to reimbursement will receive a Grant Letter, mentioning the dates and the place of the event and the fixed amount of the Grant. After the TS, a 'Payment Request Form' mentioning the dates and the place of the event, the fixed amount of the Grant, and the banking information of the trainees must be signed by the trainees, in order for the payment to be processed. All participants will be reimbursed after the TS takes place. The amount of the Grant will be decided by the MC, according to the location, duration and topic of the TS. Please note that the reimbursement rates from the COST Vademecum are maximal, and they will be usually lower to ensure an optimal cost-efficacy ratio.

Please refer to the COST Vademecuum for more general rules.