Training Schools (TS)

Evaluation process

The evaluation, grading and ranking of the TS applications will be the task of the Main organizer of the respective TS. However, the approval of the Core Group will be required prior to issuing the Grant Letters.

The Main organizer of the respective TS will grade each application; the motivational letter will be graded with a maximum of five points (excellent) to a minimum of 1 point (rejected). Additionally, 0.3 points will be given to each ESR. All the proposals which come from applicants who have already participated in an TS of the TD1303 Action in that year will be granted only in the case the number of aplications is lower than the number of available grants. The MC will approve the amount of the individual grants for each TS.

Before the results are published, the fully compiled table will be sent by email to the Core Group for their final approval. The results will be published on the website of the Action (here). The Main organizer together with the Core Group can decide to favor certain proposals in order to promote the geographic and gender balance.